We’re in the News!

27750558_773712002799522_819308662238056121_n.jpgJust 5 days away from the BIG DAY – we are so excited for the 2018 Oregon Coast Women’s Expo!

Gearing up for this event, we’d thought we’d share some good news – our 2018 has been featured in several publications and online event calendars! Also…we’ll be on the RADIO tomorrow talking about the event, you can tune in and listen on Wednesday the 14th from 9:30-10:00am on KMUN & KTCB- more in at: http://coastradio.org/coast-community-radio-coverage-area/programs-podcasts/talk-of-our-towns/

*We’ll also be sure to share a link to the interview afterwards as well!

……..In addition to the radio interview on “Talk of Our Towns” a few more key highlights of our event promotion are…..

*A featured article in the Daily Astorian – Click Here to read the full article.

*More event promotion and calendar listings about the Oregon Coast Women’s Expo can be found on the following sites:

Coast Explorer Magazine


Seaside Convention Center



Coast Radio


Naked Winery Event Calender





….and more….!

*And don’t worry – we aren’t all digital! We’ve hit the pavement with flyers in Seaside, Cannon Beach and surrounding. If you would like to print and share a flyer to help promote the event, we greatly appreciate it! 27331956_767466636757392_2045355391644677352_n


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